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Lent 2024

Lent is a Christian tradition that derives from the gospel of Matthew, Mark, and Luke in the Bible. It is celebrated in almost all denominations over a 40 day period representing the period Jesus spent in the desert enduring temptation from the Devil. In remembrance of his time fasting, we too abstain from red meat during the Lenten season in anticipation for Easter day.

The Lenten season isn't only celebrated by Christians however. Many people take the time to abstain from different foods and items of everyday consumption to reset their senses and change their habits.


For those of you who do abstain from red meat during Lent, below are some of our family's favorite seafood recipes and dishes for this time of year!


Shrimp Pasta

Our family has been making this recipe for over a decade now. It all came about when our oldest brother had to make a culinary dish for his 9th grade history class potluck. He was assigned Greece and found a version of this recipe online. We've tweaked it over the years to find our favorite combination of seafood to other ingredients and so far this version is our favorite!


Blue Crab Dip

Like most, our family loves almost any dishes where crab is a featured ingredient. We had a crab dip at restaurant down in North Carolina once that we fell in love with and started scouring cook books to find the closest thing to remake at home. At a local tourist shop we found a cook book that has become our go to guide for blue crab recipes. Check out the recipe and the book its featured from using the button below.


Ritz Crusted Whitefish

Haddock is a family favorite of ours not only because it has a great but mild flavor, but also because its versatility in being cooked different ways. A simple yet flavorful way to make a homemade breading, try this recipe with any of your favorite whitefish such as cod, halibut or flounder. This works great both baked or fried, and for a lighter breading only coat one side of the fish!

Cold Shrimp Dip Recipe

My grandmother started making this recipe before I was even born and for as long as I can remember it has been of high regard at the family Christmas party. The balance of onion, shrimp and cream cheese draws you in with every bite. It's almost impossible to get away with just a few crackers loaded up with this dip!

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